Month: April 2013

Brainstorm Brewery #48 – Shut Up, Corbin

Who’s not excited about the new planeswalker and who’s not excited about the new mechanic? Your guess just may be wrong this time. Is Dragon’s Maze shaping up to be an exciting set or will it continue a trend of lackluster third sets in decent blocks? Find out all this plus get some top notch…

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Brainstorm Brewery #47 – Marcel’s Mailbag

Will the gang be able to carry on without Marcel? Who nearly charges headlong into oblivion, threatening to cut the cast short before a crucial segment is completed? Why does Jason’s mic sound like garbage (no, really, we want to know! He paid a lot for it!) Which cast member steps up to replace Marcel,…

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Brainstorm Brewery #46 – Scotty Mac Attack

So who is this Scotty fella anyway? Whose internet cuts out right at the end, stranding him from the rest of the cast (the answer may surprise you). Will Corbin ever learn it’s a bad idea to write down his “pick of the week” pick in the show notes where everyone can see them? What…

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