Month: August 2016

Brainstorm Brewery #204 – A New Era

We had a bit of a shakeup on the cast and moving forward the names and voices will be a little different but the quality will be the same. Marcel and Ryan will be back frequently for the Brainstorm Brewery After Hours podcast and we’re going to be having a lot of great guests in…

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Brainstorm Brewery #203 – All Good Things…

…must come to an end, it was a pleasure. Contact Us! Brainstorm Brewery – Website – E-mail – Twitter – Facebook – RSS – iTunes – Stitcher Ryan Bushard – E-mail – Twitter – Facebook Corbin Hosler – E-mail – Twitter – Facebook – MTGPrice Jason E Alt – E-mail – Twitter – Facebook –…

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Money Draught #58 – Based on Instinct

Topics include: “Buyout” personalities, the impact of recent TCG pricing changes, Pokemon Go, Vintage Cube, cards that might be good in JR’s imaginary 20-life multiplayer format, and sleep paralysis. ** This cast is for mature listeners** Your Hosts: Jason Alt — @JasonEAlt Slick Jagger — @slickJagger JR — @time_elemental Money Draught RSS

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