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  4. The Hypnotic Specter That Saved My Life — December 3, 2014
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  1. The Hypnotic Specter That Saved My Life — 5 comments
  2. Dr. Brewlove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Real Decks — 5 comments
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Red Deck Wins (a 5K)

Hi! My name is Jake Tilk (@JakeTilk on Twitter), and last weekend I placed first in a 5K in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve never done one of these before, but I want people to see why Mono-Red is a good choice for any event. Here is the list. As you can see, my deck is …

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Just Juett: FKK Draft #1

Dr. Brewlove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Real Decks

By Logan White So this is what it’s like playing a real deck?  –Logan Transforming one’s mindset can be difficult. I love making my own decks, and I’ve always had that shared dream of deck brewers: to see your own creations make their way to the top—to post a solid result in a major tournament …

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The Hypnotic Specter That Saved My Life

By Christopher B. “It’s cancer in an advanced stage,” the doctor told me on a Friday afternoon in a hospital far away from home. “Be glad that we found it now—in a few weeks it might have been too late. On Monday morning, we will start with the chemotherapy. Please sign these papers…” BAM, that …

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Cube Drafting Storm — by Rowan Sheehan

Welcome to my Cube article! On a weekly basis, some people and I get together to shuffle up and play our paper version of the MTGO Holiday Cube, one of the most fun draft formats that there is. It follows normal draft style, but plays with high-powered cards, including Black Lotus! There’s only about four …

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Philly Zoo 2 – Electric Zoogaloo

Our r/Spikes series is still going strong. Max is back with a second effort. He’s still plugging away with his deck he’s dubbed “Philadelphia Zoo” and a Primer on the deck may be coming soon. Enjoy! – J Hey, everybody, I’m back with another entry and updated version of the Philadelphia Zoo! I headed into …

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Old-Man Magic: SCG Standard Open, Pretty Awesome for Old Guys by Quillian Rutherford

It’s been a long time, Since I’ve seen a su-u-u-u-u-u-unny day. – Cake, Long Time I’ve been playing Magic a long time: since Fifth Edition/Weatherlight. For a while, I was grinding PTQs, but there was no MTGO, no local Magic scene in my college town, and basically nothing but rolling up to the tournament after …

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UB Faeries Tournament Report – Barrett Goss

Welcome to another installment in the r/spikes tournament report series. Barrett Goss comes at you with a two-fer; a report about how his deck of choice fared at a GPT in Philadelphia and then at a PTQ in Delaware the next day. Hang on a second—didn’t Max Perlmutter play those same two events? Wonder if …

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Taking Down a PTQ with Black-White Midrange, by Jonathan Marsh

A few weeks ago, I won a PTQ in Dothan, Alabama, playing B/W Midrange. I owe a huge thanks to the tournament organizer and store owner of Fanatix, Phillip Chalker, for hosting one of the best-run PTQs I’ve ever participated in. Also, thanks to Brainstorm Brewery and Danny Brown for giving me the opportunity to …

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Winning a PTQ with Mono-Black Devotion

So this past weekend, I won a PTQ in Tallahassee, Florida. I’d like to give a big shoutout to the tournament organizer, Gamescape, and its owner, Benjamin Bloodworth, for consistently putting on the best tournaments and running the best local shop I’ve ever been to in my twenty years of playing Magic. I played Mono-Black …

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