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Brainstorm Brewery #235: Brian Braun Reviewin’

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:42:25 — 94.0MB)Today we are incredibly lucky to be joined by Brian Braun-Duin for our Amonkhet set review.   Brian shares his insight into which cards are poised to have a large first weekend, and which ones are traps.   Join us for a look at the important cards in the set. Douglas Johnson …

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Brainstorm Brewery #234: If you believe Admonition Angel will never die, clap your hands

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:12:19 — 66.4MB)This week we wander through a wide range of topics as listener email covers a variety of topics, including the best way to trade up at GPs, how Jason got screwed out of full-art Mutavaults, and which cast member has more pro-points.  Somehow Corbin works in football player Mark Sanchez …

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Brainstorm Brewery #233: Brainstorm Nursery

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:07:59 — 62.4MB)It is an odd week.  Two-thirds of the cast are holding children. Doug is on a different computer and as such can’t get to listener emails.  We podcasted while it was light outside.  Discussion moves through topics as wide ranging as Amonkhet spoilers, the League of Legends online community, damage …

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Brainstorm Brewery #232: Corbin is a Dirty Card Looker-Upper

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:06:48 — 61.4MB)This week the cast discusses card grading in general and Doug shares his experience getting his Lotus graded.   Jason played vintage and tows the thin line between proxies and counterfeits.   Corbin tries to cheat at breaking bulk, and some aggressive listener mail is read.    Also, early news from Amonkhet set …

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Brainstorm Brewery #231 – Something About A Monkey Coming Out Of A Sleeve

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:04:12 — 59.0MB)A week into the release of MM3, we hear how Corbin had a crazy draft pool and threw away important cards.  The cast’s impression of the new set is discussed, as well as the price trajectory of sealed product.  Also, Corbin defends flat-earthers.   Join us for this week’s Brainstorm Brewery. …

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Brainstorm Brewery #230 – The Mailbag Edition

Podcast: Download (Duration: 57:12 — 52.6MB)As a “thank-you’ to our many new Patreon patrons, we read listener email.  We read questions less than a 12 hours old before moving all the way back questions from last fall; listen and see if we got to yours! Douglas Johnson is here (@Rose0fthorns) Corbin is back We read …

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Brainstorm Brewery #229 – Dj Drives the Bus

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:10:07 — 64.4MB)Corbin is away this week, so we are joined by Edward Nguyen of Kirwins Game Store to discuss the shape of Modern and reprint in general moving forward.   Obscure foil prices, Reid Duke’s hockey career, and options for what to do with 100k are discussed.  Join us for this week …

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Brainstorm Brewery #228 – Reprint It All

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:14:16 — 68.2MB)The year is 2017; a strange new world where fetch lands are in special products and previous EV constraints are throw out the window.   Join us for a long discussion of MM2017 spoilers and potential inclusions just in time for you to see full spoilers.   Corbin has a new microphone …

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Brainstorm Brewery 227: Some Fish, a Flower, and some Salt

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:18:13 — 71.8MB)This week we have a Corbin excited by his favorite deck, a Doug excited by his biggest purchase, and a Jason made salty by the normal range of daily occurrences.    This week the nonsense takes over the first part of the cast.   Learn which cards to buy, which TNMT …

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Brainstorm Brewery 226: Emo Song Lyrics or Archenemy Scheme?

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:06:42 — 61.3MB)  All shall crumble before our dark realms of majesty is either an album with heavy makeup and hair product, or a sweet multiplayer card. Join us as the cast goes further off the rails than normal into a deep discussion about long forgotten oversized cards.  Also, there is a …

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Brainstorm Brewery 225: The EV of a baby and trips down memory lane

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:26:34 — 79.4MB)In the aftermath of the protour, join us for a discussion about standard card prices, hear Corbin try to offend Jason and fail, and learn which new card Jason thinks should get the EDH ban-hammer.  We bless you with a longer cast than normal as old MTG personalities and events …

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Brainstorm Brewery 224- The one where we have a pro tour champion on

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:01:00 — 56.0MB)Jacob Van Lunen joins us to share stories of epic victories using draft-chaff slivers, give his insights on the upcoming protour, and talk about standard brew ideas so cool that even DJ is interested.  Corbin makes the least tasteful joke of the episode, which is impressive considering Jason is back.   …

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Brainstorm Brewery 223- 2x the Oklahoma and 1/3 the salt

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:06:31 — 61.1MB)  Jason is gone for the week but the spirit of interruption lives on.  JJ Jackson is our special guest as Douglas and Corbin  cover pre-protour specs strategy and then take questions from JJ about how a street-level financier with no storefront can get over.  Join us for this week’s …

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Brainstorm Brewery #222 – How to get murdered by a Craigslist seller

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:09:30 — 63.8MB)It’s a dangerous world out there. People set up all sorts of shady scams to rob or murder people who are attracted to Craigslist deals. You might think we’d offer you advice on how not to get murdered by people like that, but we totally don’t. I’m just realizing that …

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Brainstorm Brewery 221: The Wescoe Review

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:14:14 — 68.2MB)The banning announcement came early, so we decided to push this out early too.  Craig Wescoe takes a break from being awesome at life to bless you with thoughts from the recent bannings, Legacy GP, and Aether Revolt.   Since the format is in such flux after the surprise bans, there …

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Brainstorm Brewery #220 New Year’s Revolt

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:16:48 — 70.5MB)We missed last week and it may have only been half Corbin’s fault.  Its a new year and the cast is back with the best financial information and spoiler coverage.   Babies are absent from the cast, but their impact on the past year is discussed.   It’s Brainstorm Brewery. Douglas Johnson …

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Brainstorm Brewery #219 – Gueststravaganza

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:04:17 — 59.0MB)We have three underage guests as our normal guest, DJ, is joined by Benjamin Hosler and Liliana Alt for an episode that will have you saying “We get it, you have babies.” Stay at home dads are gonna dad in this episode that might be the last one of 2016 …

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Brainstorm Brewery #218 – Risk Assessment

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:09:44 — 64.0MB)Corbin clearly wants to talk about his brew but he gets no-sir’d by the gang. If you want to watch it because you hate yourself, the link is here.   Just kidding, that was Corbin hitting a light pole. The real link is here.   That was Corbin …

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Brainstorm Brewery #217 – Double Double Season

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:07:43 — 62.2MB)Aether Revolt spoilers, a few card spikes from Atraxa and Corbin is a clumsy idiot. That’s about enough nonsense to fill the hour. That’s “Corbin hits a light pole” in case you missed it. Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns) Corbin hits a light pole again Cards spiked? …

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Brainstorm Brewery #216 – Corbin’s Back and Other Bad News

Podcast: Download (Duration: 59:15 — 54.4MB)Corbin’s on this one and he knows he was pranked. He pretends it doesn’t bother him, but we know better. The episode took a while to get rolling and honestly, most of it isn’t suitable for you hearing and will probably be relegated to after hours. We’ll do one of …

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Brainstorm Brewery #215 – Podcast Emetrius

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:16:20 — 70.1MB)So last week we asked for help pranking Corbin and you guys actually have no idea how well it worked. Like, you probably saw Corbin lose his cool a bit on twitter and what you don’t know is that he actually lost it to a way greater extent privately. It …

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Brainstorm Brewery #214 – Help Us Prank Corbin

Podcast: Download (Duration: 57:40 — 53.0MB)Corbin never listens to the episode so after he got off of the group call we decided to have you help us prank him. If you all wouldn’t mind tweeting at him to mention how savagely we burned him at the end of the episode, that would be awesome. Don’t …

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Brainstorm Brewery #213 – Cat President

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:10:18 — 64.6MB)We got talking about how every episode of this cast could be someone’s first time listening to the cast ever. It was a weird concept and derailed us a little bit. How do you know how often to go back over stuff you’ve already discussed? Do you reference inside jokes? …

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Brainstorm Brewery #212 – Pretend You Can’t Hear the Baby

Podcast: Download (Duration: 55:18 — 50.8MB)Two guests this week as Corbin is forced to do the cast with his baby on his lap like a real stay-at-home nerd. The disruptions are both minimal and hilarious and Corbin’s kid is a better guest than some people we could name (*cough*DJ*cough*). Big changes to the Pauper format …

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Brainstorm Brewery #211 – Act Surprised When It’s My Pick

Podcast: Download (Duration: 55:04 — 50.6MB)We have a real problem. Our RSS feeds haven’t updated correctly and some people haven’t heard an episode since 203. Some people think we’re not a podcast. We ARE a podcast. We ARE. We record on the computer box and give it to you for free. Do us a favor …

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