Best Laid Plans #5 – Miraculous Insecticide Talk

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Hot New Miraculous Insecticide Talk!

Apply To Every Corner To Kill Roach Flea Louse!

Safe And Easy To Use!

Children Love To Play With And Taste!


  • community cup 100% effective
  • sid and joe butt heads
  • beta getting greata
  • debater without hater


You be welcome!


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Best Laid Plans – @BestLaid_Plans

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Tommy – @T_Moles

Em – @sheMehay

Shane  – @CreatureMystery

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Best Laid Plans

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  1. Laplace's Demon

    Your podcast is improving.
    Nice editing.
    Cast member contribution and grade of quality is wildly uneven however.
    That being said, well structured segments are nice.

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