Brainstorm Brewery #13 – Lucky 13

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Contest this week, 2 winners will receive a draft set of AVR, either MODO or Paper packs.


— The Reserved List gets debated by the hosts, would eliminating the Reserved List kill Magic, both sides of the argument present solid points, what do you think?

— More & more M13 cards are being spoiled, will Vampires make a comeback?

— Origins ended up being a poor event for traders, both Ryan & Jason

— Jason Alt (@JasonEAlt) from returns as a guest host.


Corbin is Now Married!!! Congratulations!!! Enjoy the Honeymoon in Jamaica!!!

Finance Corner

— Hypergenesis in Legacy, Shardless Agent’s weekend price was a $20 is it or Planechase as a whole a worthy investment?

— All signs point to Shocklands being reprinted in M13 or Return to Ravnica, which slash the price of the originals, so if you still have yours now might be your last chance to dump ’em.


What’s It Worth?

— Marcel tries to stump Ryan and Jason using the new format used last week.

Contest Time

— Which side of the Reserved List argument do you stand, present your reasons for or against the Reserved List, the strongest arguments from each side wins an AVR draft set.Please include what type of player you are, what formats you play & how long you’ve been playing.


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