Brainstorm Brewery #235: Brian Braun Reviewin’

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Today we are incredibly lucky to be joined by Brian Braun-Duin for our Amonkhet set review.   Brian shares his insight into which cards are poised to have a large first weekend, and which ones are traps.   Join us for a look at the important cards in the set.

  • Douglas Johnson is our second-most special guest (@Rose0fthorns)
  • Brian Braun-Duin is out most special guest
  • We review cards in rough order of importance and alphabetical occurrence
  • Support our Patreon!  Playmats are on the way!
  • Need to contact us? Hit up BrainstormBrew@gmail.com

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Douglas Johnson is and will forever be merely a guest

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  1. tonytahiti

    One of your weaker set reviews. Normally quite fond of corbin but the eating/chewing sounds in combination with his baby making noises, basically unlistenable.

    1. Brandon

      Yeah, the eating and chewing super annoying.

      1. Brandon

        ps:…..I miss Marcel’s class……he’d shame Corbin for it if he was there.

        1. tonytahiti

          yeah. it almost comes across as rude. you got the world champion on for the set review but all i can hear is chewing sounds and a baby

          1. Anonymous

            meh real life the chips things is probably unnecessary but if you do not have a little child then you do not understand.

  2. Virally

    Babies crying and Corbin chomping on crackers all cast. 10/10

    1. Anonymous

      10/10 agree show Corbin, crackers, and kids

  3. NotApatreon

    More babies less champions.

  4. Damon

    If Corbin has low blood sugar or diabetes, creating the need to continuously suck down sustenance for almost 2 hours, could you please mute your mic, hook up an IV, or chew with your mouth closed ! ! !

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