Is Stoneforge Mystic Really That Good?

Let’s face it. Commander can be expensive. Though commander is a casual format, it is becoming harder and harder to build a good commander deck without draining your wallet. As much as we want to, we don’t have unlimited amounts of money. There are often cards that would make your deck really powerful, but are on the other…

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Why Spoilers Suck

Trick Jarrett published an interesting article today and having had some time to digest the piece and the feedback (blowback?) from it, I’ve decided my opinion on the matter would be laborious and difficult to Tweet. What’s the point of owning a soapbox if you only ever pay other people to stand on it? I…

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To Ban or Unban?

It has been a while since I’ve contributed to the site and I’ve missed writing, missed seeing your comments, missed feeling like I’ve contributed to the community that I so enjoy being a part of.  Due to some personal commitments, I haven’t been as active a participant in the current Standard season, though I have…

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