C(ube) + C(ommander) Magic Factory #2 – Mind Seize Review

Welcome to the second installment of C+C Magic Factory, where we’ll be reviewing the Mind Seize Commander 2013 deck with regards to its impact on the Cube and Commander formats.  So let’s get to it! Here’s a review of the grading system we’ll be using.  The first grade for each card is a Commander grade,…

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C(ube)+C(ommander) Magic Factory #1 – Power Hungry Review

Welcome to the first installment of C(ube)+C(ommander) Magic Factory, a series specific to these two popular casual formats.  The focus of C+C will be on card selection, strategy, and budgeting.  For the casual player, you will find lists, strategy, and a theme of optimizing on a budget.  For the non-casual player or financier, this series…

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