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Just Juett: FKK Draft #1

Friday Night Brainstorm: Dissecting FKK Drafting

FKK (Fate Reforged – Khans of Tarkir – Khans of Tarkir) drafting has been quite a joy for me the past couple of weeks. I’ve drafted the format quite a bit and learned a lot about it along the way. It isn’t an easy format, though, so I’ve dissected it down to share my understanding of …

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Brewing With Fate Reforged

Welcome back for Brewing With <i>Fate Reforged</i>! Unfortunately, this set didn’t lend itself to a lot of diversity for me, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the lists I did come up with. Also, I must apologize for my lack of content lately—I did not do quite as well as I had hoped at Pro Tour Khans …

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Financial Five: Fate Reforged

With each new set it seems like retailers are getting better at pre-pricing cards to fit card hype and demand. I look past the chase rares/mythics and find the diamonds in the rough. Below are five cards I think are worth investing in. Alesha, Who Smiles at Death($2) The list of “bring-backable” creatures seems be …

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Privileged Perspective 11 – The Combine: Fate Reforged Edition

I like a lot of games, but very few are able to truly grab the full focus of my attention (a side-effect of attention deficit disor—*checks Twitter*). Magic, first and foremost, is one of those games: its pull on me is so powerful that it has singlehandedly pulled me away from other games like World …

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Privileged Perspective 10 – My 100% Totally Legit Preview Card Spectacular

Welcome back! I hope your holidays were as relaxing and unproductive as mine were. Even though Christmas is typically Magic’s downtime, there was a lot going on with the beginning of spoiler season. Next week I’m going to talk more about what we are seeing out of Fate Reforged and how to contextualize it, but …

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