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Privileged Perspective 12 – Facilitating Value

When I first accepted my prestigious and highly paid position here at Brainstorm Brewery, this article was one of the ones on my mind. So much so that I have taken several months to ruminate over some of my points. This will not be an all-encompassing treatise on Magic finance, but rather the humble beginnings of…

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Old-Man Magic: SCG Standard Open, Pretty Awesome for Old Guys by Quillian Rutherford

It’s been a long time, Since I’ve seen a su-u-u-u-u-u-unny day. – Cake, Long Time I’ve been playing Magic a long time: since Fifth Edition/Weatherlight. For a while, I was grinding PTQs, but there was no MTGO, no local Magic scene in my college town, and basically nothing but rolling up to the tournament after…

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