Weekend Magic: 1/30-2/1

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Last weekend brought us some Legacy action with Star City Games: Indianapolis, along with side events for Standard and Modern. Let’s see how the weekend turned out after the Treasure Cruise banning.

Star City Games: Indianapolis – Legacy Open (Indianapolis, IN)


Deck Finish Player Deck Finish Player
Sultai Delver 1st Jim Davis U/W Control 17th Jacob Coffey
Storm 2nd Ben Wienburg Sneak and Show 18th Kyle Houtman
Elves 3rd Christopher Hall Storm 19th Benjamin Ball
Storm 4th Caleb Scherer Sneak and Show 20th Jonathan Anghelescu
Shardless Sultai 5th Rudy Briksza Death and Taxes 21st Jamie Scheffer
Mono-Red Burn 6th Cameron Ramsay Sultai Delver 22nd Peter Tragos
Elves 7th Matthew Hoey Death and Taxes 23rd Thomas Enevoldsen
Infect 8th Zachary Koch Maverick 24th Michael Belfatto
Maverick 9th Michael Antrim Esper Deathblade 25th David Elden
Shardless Sultai 10th Lewis Brook Storm 26th Jacob Baugh
Jeskai Delver 11th Marc Castillo Lands 27th Thomas McLeod
Death and Taxes 12th Gregory Schafer Death and Taxes 28th Colin Logan
Thopter Foundry 13th Chris Andersen Deathblade 29th Jessy Hefner
Maverick 14th Brian Epplin Maverick 30th Thomas Herzog
Sultai Delver 15th Noah Cohen Esper Delver 31st Steve Mann
Jeskai Delver 16th Brandon Penn Reanimator 32nd Joe Lossett

Star City Games entered the top 32 decklists into their database for this event, so there is a ton information available about the decks that did well during the previous weekend. 

Top 8 Highlights

  • Dark Confidant is back in business! Three copies were found in the winning Sultai Delver decklist.
  • Stifle also appears to be back on the charts with three copies in the winning decklist.
  • Marsh Casualties is a card to watch—the winning decklist had two copies in the sideboard.
  • Two Elves and two Storm decks were in the Top 8. Combo seems to be making a resurgence, at least at Indianapolis.
  • Shardless Sultai made the Top 8. Cards to watch here include Shardless Agent, Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Dig Through Time, and Ancestral Vision.

Top 16 Highlights

Top 32 Highlights

  • A deck identified as U/W Control barely missed the Top 16. This deck featured three copies of the new Monastery Mentor, along with Snapcaster Mage, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Dig Through Time, and many counterspells and cantrips in order to win the game. Could this be the direction that Monastery Mentor decks take in Legacy and possibly Vintange? It’s hard to tell at this point, but out of all the decks played during the weekend, this deck should be watched the closest for results over the next few months.
  • Three copies of Death and Taxes made the Top 32 in addition to a Top 16 appearance. Death and Taxes is still a strong choice even after the Treasure Cruise banning.
  • Two copies of Sneak and Show made the Top 32. Two copies of Dig Through Time were found in both decks.

All in all, it looks like new brews featuring Dig Through Time popped up during the weekend, so Khans is still making an impact on the metagame. Dig Through Time can still be used to great success in Sneak and Show and control decks in order to help find answers in the late game. Even Monastery Mentor is making a mark with a new type of deck showing up that featured it.

Star City Games: Indianapolis – Standard Premier IQ (Indianapolis, IN)


Deck Finish Player Deck Finish Player
W/U Heroic 1st Nathaniel Bass U/B Control 9th Donnie Wise
4-Color Soul 2nd Patrick Cowe Jeskai Aggro 10th Donivan Abraham
Temur Aggro 3rd Jacob Eckert Aabzan Aggro 11th Matt Guido
U/B Control 4th Marcus Fitzgerald G/R Aggro 12th Ross Abel
Sultai Control 5th Craig Bargo 4-Color Midrange 13th Ethan Powell
Abzan Aggro 6th Nicholas Hale Temur Ascendancy 14th James Wager
Abzan Midrange 7th Galen Whittaker G/R Devotion 15th William McMurtrie
U/B Control 8th Michael Hamilton Temur Ascendancy 16th Michael Medley

First place in Standard went to W/U Heroic, which didn’t include anything new from Fate Reforged. Four-Color Soul took second place, featuring four Soul of Theros and three Tasigur, the Golden Fang main deck. Tasigur is the real deal, as we’ve also seen in Legacy, and his price should be watched very carefully over the next few weeks (especially foils).

Rounding out the Top 8, other cards to watch out for include:

From the Top 16, cards to watch include:

Standard has been shaken up a bit, with some new players now battling it out with the old. U/W Heroic seems to be solid in a metagame that is still being established, but will it last?

Star City Games: Indianapolis – Modern Premier IQ (Indianapolis, IN)


Deck Finish Player Deck Finish Player
Amulet Combo 1st Stephen Speck Elves 9th John Ostrem
G/W Hatebears 2nd Nick Hanna Dredgevine 10th Robert Beneteau
Jeskai control 3rd Jacob Kessler Bant Aggro 11th Chris Wynes
Mono Red Burn 4th Jacob Ross Dredge 12th jacob medley
Affinity 5th David Long Death and Taxes 13th Tom Judge
Naya Zoo 6th Christopher O’Bryant R/B Burn 14th David Gill
Affinity 7th Ian Losch Rack 15th Pete Casella
R/W Burn 8th Alan Eryman Merfolk 16th Paul Brooks

While Stephen Speck couldn’t win GP Omaha, he certainly won this event piloting Amulet Combo! It seems regardless of the variance of the deck’s hands that as long as you have experience piloting the deck, you can do very well with it (not having to play against Birthing Pod is quite nice though!). Cards to watch here include Primeval Titan, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Amulet of Vigor, Hive Mind, and Summer Bloom.

G/W Hatebears took second place. This deck seemed to be a popular choice amongst a potential field of Dredge decks which players were sure to test out. Cards to watch out for from this deck include Leonin Arbiter, Loxodon Smiter, Voice of Resurgence, Wilt-Leaf Liege, and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

Rounding out the Top 8, other cards to watch out for include:

From the Top 16, cards to watch include:

There’s a lot to keep an eye on this week. Until next time!


Wow, the Top 16 was extremely diverse at this Modern Premier IQ! Plenty of innovation appeared due to the recent bannings and unbannings in the format, with the opportunity to see more when Pro Tour DC happens from 2/6-2/8. Old lists did well but the banning of Birthing Pod and Treasure Cruise has certainly been felt and has taken Modern in a new direction.


That’s it for this week. Next weekend is the Pro Tour, which will provide further information about what decks are now viable in Modern.


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