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Wired and Inspired | Brainstorm Brewery #548 | Magic Finance 

Corbin (@CHosler), Cass (@devotedDruid),  and DJ (@CardgardenMTG) are in the studio to tell you all about upcoming standard bannings, selling out, and the new hoggakka? Make sure to check...

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Interview with Lucas Kunce | Brainstorm Brewery | Magic Finance

Corbin (@CHosler) and Jason (@jasonEalt) sit down with magic player, veteran, and Democratic nominee for Senate Lucas Kunce (@LucasKunceMO) to talk about playing magic, collecting in the early years...

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The Rosewater Show | Brainstorm Brewery #547 | Magic Finance

Corbin (@CHosler) and Jason (@jasonEAlt) are out doing MtG Dad stuff but don’t worry cause Cass (@devotedDruid)  and DJ (@CardgardenMTG) are bringing 4 people worth of energy fresh off...

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Mr. Chromanticore | Brainstorm Brewery #546 | Magic Finance

DJ (@CardgardenMTG), Corbin (@CHosler), Jason (@jasonEAlt), and Cass (@devotedDruid)  are all back from Magic Con Minneapolis and are excited to talk all about the standard environment, rotation changes, and...

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Transitive Roku Properties | Brainstorm Brewery #545

DJ (@CardgardenMTG), Corbin (@CHosler), and Jason (@jasonEAlt), breakdown all the latest Magic: The Gathering news about, you guessed it, finance and Commander. 04:00 Minneapolis Command Zone 09:01 Breaking Bulk...

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Realm Breaking Bulk | Brainstorm Brewery #544 | Magic Finance

DJ (@CardgardenMTG) is back with Corbin (@CHosler), and Cass (@devotedDruid)  to talk about the aftermath of spoiling, a new mini game, and the story of aftermath.  Make sure to...

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