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Post-Ma-Poned | Brainstorm Brewery #507 | Magic Finance 

Jason (@jasonEalt), DJ (@CardgardenMTG), and  Corbin (@CHosler) are in rare form this episode as they talk about Post Malone Match being postponed, doxing Corbin again, and print run issues. ...

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Jason Touches Grass | Brainstorm Brewery #506 | Magic Finance

Jason (@jasonEalt) is back fro Seattle and DJ (@CardgardenMTG) and  Corbin (@CHosler) are readying to talk about the most expensive match of casual magic ever. Make sure to check...

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The Other Guys | Brainstorm Brewery #505 | Magic Finance

Jason (@jasonEalt) is off adventuring the great American northwest but never fear. DJ (@CardgardenMTG), and  Corbin (@CHosler) are here with special guest Kyle Lopez (@bashmcalister) to talk all about...

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Why Aren’t We Grifting? | Brainstorm Brewery #504 | Magic Finance

DJ (@Rose0fThorns), Jason (@jasonEalt), and Corbin (@CHosler) strongly consider starting several grifts while discussing the impacts, or lack thereof, of Wizards discontinuing cards printing in the Russian, Korean, and...

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The Ring of Podcasts | Brainstorm Brewery #503 | Magic Finance

Jason (@jasonEalt), DJ (@CardgardenMTG), and  Corbin (@CHosler) discuss if their podcast is the harbinger of doom for companies that stop sponsoring them as TCGPlayer has purchased Channel Fireball and...

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Grill Me, Daddy | Brainstorm Brewery #502 | Magic Finance

Jason (@jasonEalt) prepares to take DJ (@CardgardenMTG) as a student of the grilling arts and  Corbin (@CHosler) is just along for the ride. The gang also talks all about...

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