Winter strikes, and the cast has a difficult time assembling at the designated time. It’s actually going to be a bit telling who assembles the show notes because someone both shows up late and doesn’t really know what was discussed for the first fifteen minutes of the episode. That same person may or may not be in charge of assembling the show notes. Is that revealing too much? Don’t worry about it—you read the show notes, so you pretty much earned it. Can I level with you? I’m not really entirely sure who, if anyone, reads the show notes. It reads like ad copy every week outside of the bullet points. If you’ve clicked on the link, we pretty much have you. It’s like having ads inside a McDonald’s—you’re already hooked, and you’re already probably pretty sad about it. Our podcast isn’t McDonald’s; let’s be obvious. We’re like Kobe beef served on China plates paired with a twelve-year-old Cabernet Sauvignon in a crystal goblet. We’re the podcast Kanye West imagines Kanye West’s podcast would be. We’re seconds away from being in your head holes, and you’re welcome for that.

  • Grand Prix Edison was last weekend, and Jason, Corbin, and Ryan were in the Money Draught Mansion with @Time_Elemental and @SlickJagger. How many of JR’s belongings were destroyed?
  • Jason got stuck in a snow drift, and who knows what the first fifteen minutes of the cast were about? Not him.
  • Jason and Ryan learn that Marcel is the actual scum of the earth.
  • Marcel pronounces a bunch of words funny.
  • Reader e-mails dragged on, so some of it was cut so Marcel could get up early.
  • Pick of the Week goes super-esoteric. Jason essentially just rants. It was weird.
  • Ryan describes this episode as “better than not doing one.”
  • Questions? Concerns? E-mail brainstormbrew at gmail dot com.


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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