Those who didn’t value it less than a Garth Brooks concert were able to play the prerelease this last weekend and look forward to Monday morning when the DCI dropped a bomb and banned Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time, and Birthing Pod and ruined lives. We help you navigate the post-ban landscape.

We do all the normal podcast episode stuff, too. Finance 101? Boom, nailed it. Pick of the Week? Happened. Was it a jumbled mess and it’s unclear in what order things will appear in the final episode once it’s been through the editing process? You guessed it. Do we alienate half of our listeners? Maybe. You’ll have to listen to find out.

  • No guest. No need.
  • Finance 101 is going strong but needs suggestions. E-mail us.
  • Prerelease!
  • Picks of the Week happen, and everyone comes up with one.
  • Questions? Concerns? E-mail brainstormbrew at gmail dot com.


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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