Brainstorm Brewery #157 – How Bazaar

Five may have been too many this week and the gang throws the baby out with the bathwater, slimming its lineup down to a svelte three-man cast. Corbin’s the odd man out, having been condemned to spend a family vacation near Vancouver where he covered the recent Pro Tour. There’s plenty to talk about and without Corbin to slow them down, the gang hits their stride and Ryan even talks a little. How ‘bout that?


  • Rolling start? Pick of the week first? What’s the deal?
  • Finance 101 – buy cards for cheap and sell them for more
  • The PT happened. What happened in that happening?
  • Changes to Organized play are happening!
  • Who’s not happy with the 2016 GP schedule?
  • The link to the dividers as promised. Also, the other link you need.
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One comment on “Brainstorm Brewery #157 – How Bazaar

  1. Joshua Lemish says:

    You guys seriously said Montreal was dangerous?
    Lets compare
    Detroit population close to 700k…48 murders.
    Chicago Pop 2.7mil 390 Murders
    Montreal 3.3mil 28 murders

    It has 5 times the pop of detroit but half the murders. it has half a mil or so more then Chicago and has 14 TIMES LESS.

    if Detroit had 5 times the population it would have roughly on average 240 murders.

    again vs TWENTY EIGHT!

    The most dangerous people at a Montreal Grand Prix are probably the folks from DETROIT OR CHICAGO attending the Montreal Grand Prix…..

    Once again ‘Murica!

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