Brainstorm Brewery #192 – Clash Royale

Sometimes we get on a good discussion before the cast gets started and 15 minutes in, we realize it’s too good not to include in the episode so we just roll with it. That happened this week. The gang got into a discussion about accessibility and affordability that needed to make it into the episode so that’s what happened.


Episode 200 is coming up soon so make sure to get your clips in if you’re still listening to them for us. This will be the best episode yet, so hang onto your hats, nerds.



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8 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #192 – Clash Royale

  1. Greg says:

    I love Marcel to death, but it feels like every cast has recently turned into the rest of the crew correcting his incorrect factual statements and out of touch perspective. I have two kids myself so I understand how and why his head might not be in the game anymore but I also do not host a podcast that requires me to be on top of the most recent current events, news, and financial trends.

    1. TSJ says:

      Couldn’t agree more. This cast was pretty insufferable for the majority of it.

  2. Andreas says:

    It’s no the person that yells and talk over the other person that wins. I don’t feel that Marcel was let get him point through because you yell over him and interrupt him constantly.

    I totally agree with Marcel that redemption needs to go for the better of the game. It was a major error to introduce it in the first place and the primary problem with MODO.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guys, its really starting to feel like this isn’t a financial podcast and just an argument about the state of Magic as a game. I know that these points are important but can you tell me what this means for finance and not just argue about how Modern and Standard should be? It doesn’t matter what they should do, whats matters is what Wizards is actually doing.

    Please talk over each other less. Its starting to sound a lot less professional and just a bunch of personal opinions…

  4. Chay says:

    It is not a discussion if one person keep talking over everybody else. If you are not willing to keep an open mind about other people opinions and AT LEAST listen to them instead of BULLYING them into submission then maybe you shouldn’t be doing podcast. Honestly, this is my second, and last attempt at listening to this podcast. I do not need to listen to someone who thinks just because he is the loudest and most aggressive, he is the most correct. It is simply not true. I heard a lot of good things about you guys and it is simply not true.

  5. Steve says:

    I am a new listener to the podcast, and new to magic in general, I have been playing magic since just before Battle for Zendikar came out. I have a modern deck, and have considered selling it to get into a proper online game like hearthstone, where I can spend $50 every few months and make tons of decks, instead of $50 for a single card in this game. That way I could play whenever I want instead of only certain hours at the LGS. On the flip side, after playing hearthstone and MODO, I cannot believe people can argue for MODO as a “good option”. It is absolute garbage. If there was something even close to hearthstone for magic, whether subscription based, format based, league based, or all of the above, with card prices that were reasonable, I would love it, it would give you some faith in whatever investment you have made, and would bring new people into the game because it is accessible. Its the folks that have huge investments in MODO perpetuating the idea that consumers should put up with MODO’s bullshit. Its because they are scared of having their pants pulled down when the house of cards that is MODO falls to shit. Make an accessible, easy to use client with ONE User eXperience employee even, and it will be fantastic. The fact that the guy who’s throwing god knows how much money into a dopamine-drip microtransaction “game” is making economic arguments is absolutely hilarious to me. Keep up the great work folks….

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Katelyn says:

    Looking at it from WOTC’s point of view, Redemption is good for MODO.

    Without Redemption, the secondary market becomes a lot more flooded, and people don’t crack as many virtual boosters.

    Redemption removes valuable cards from the ecosystem, and without that, people will be able obtain cheap staples for constructed, and less money goes to Wizards.

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