Brainstorm Brewery #213 – Cat President

We got talking about how every episode of this cast could be someone’s first time listening to the cast ever. It was a weird concept and derailed us a little bit. How do you know how often to go back over stuff you’ve already discussed? Do you reference inside jokes? Do you assume everyone knows the going rate for bulk and good outs for it, or that everyone on the cast has written articles about it? I guess what I’m trying to say is we referenced Cookie Clicker again and we don’t know how many people remember that. There’s a new one now where a cat is trying to be president or something and you grab money? It was not thoroughly explained. If you don’t remember Cookie Clicker, you will either be lost or you’ll go back to like episode 57 or whatever and listen, and that’s the point. A click in every cookie and a cat in every White House. Cookie Cats. Just listen to the episode, already.

  • Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns)
  • GP happened! It was Modern! I’m feigning enthusiasm!
  • Skred?
  • Breaking Bulk is super early.
  • SCG changes to bulk prices?
  • Pick of the Week
  • Politicats is apparently the actual name
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