Brainstormbrewery #244: Boom, Flavortown

The cast returns from their Vegas adventures with personal tales of finance, giant sandcastles, remote desert weddings, and trips to (un)fine dining establishments.  DJ explains how to find bargains at large events.  New standard spoilers lead to discussions of potential EDH specs.  Join the cast for breaking bulk, pick of the week, Mighty Duck movie discussions, and more.

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2 comments on Brainstormbrewery #244: Boom, Flavortown

  1. Clay says:

    Hey you sassy fucks! I’m a patron now so you have to read my email. I don’t have an actual question, I just wanted to tell you guys how awesome the podcast is. The conversation about Mighty Ducks 2 made me shit my pants with laughter. Huge thanks for all the sweet sweet content. Send me a fucking pint glass.

  2. Josh says:

    Just from playing EDH, I know that there’s a Therese Nielsen goat token and a New Phyrexia Goblin token that were about $2.

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