Magic Online

Vintage Cube Retro Art Patch 2015

This patch is no longer being distributed, it contained images which infringed WotC’s copyrights. I did not consider this was occurring, I apologize for my transgressions. -Marcel I am working on a tutorial on how to custom the card art for any card on Magic Online, it should be live before the new year at:…

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Magic Online Standard – Down with Atarka Red!

Last weekend, with the StarCityGames Open at Indianapolis, we saw our first glimpse into what the new Standard format looks like.  There were a lot of really interesting decks that performed well and we saw some card choices I hadn’t anticipated.  I thought Brian DeMars did an incredible job of tuning his Atarka Red list…

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Casually Infinite – About the MTGO Closed Beta with Chris Kiritz, MTGO Business Manager

In early December, Wizards of the Coast posted that it will be moving forward with leagues on Magic Online and began testing them during December in the closed beta environment. Along with this, the company posted the link to sign up for the closed beta. If you haven’t applied for it yet, you should do so here….

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