Welcome to the Jungle: Sideboarding versus Combo Decks

Hello once again! I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful holiday, and for those of you from everywhere else in the world, I hope you had an amazing Thursday. I’m back this week with the final installment of my sideboarding series about my Zoo deck. If you all have any ideas of things…

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Welcome to the Jungle: Sideboarding versus Midrange and Control

Welcome back again! I hope my previous article was able to help you all with the more explosive matchups you will face and I hope this one will help you with the more grinding matchups. A Quick Refresher The Deck [deck title= AZooni (Big Zoo) ] [Creatures] 4 Wild Nacatl 4 Noble Hierarch 4 Tarmogoyf 4…

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Welcome to the Jungle: Sideboarding Versus the Aggressive

Welcome back, everybody! I assume since you are here you want to learn how to sideboard with my Zoo deck against the more aggressive decks in Modern. If not, tough luck. Against these decks, you want to start off as the control deck and stabilize before transitioning into being the beatdown to close the game….

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