Star City Games

Quick Hit: Premier IQ Spotlighting

I was looking through the StarCity Games Premier Invitational Qualifier decklists from the Richmond Open and I came across a Zoo list played by Jeff Szablak to an eighth-place finish that looks really interesting to me. Jeff Szablak 8th Place SCG Premier IQ [Deck title=Jeff Szablak Zoo] [creatures] 4 Knight of the Reliquary 4 Loxodon…

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Stoking The Flames

Feeding The Fire I just lost my win-and-in for top eight and I’m two hours away from home. This sucks. I played some of the best Magic I have played in a long time today and I desperately wanted this win more than any tournament before. I won games and matches off of bluffs, strategies,…

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A Defense of Star City Games

Hello, and welcome to my very first article here on Brainstorm Brewery. I’d like to start by thanking the staff here and especially Jason for pushing me to finish this article. It’s my goal to write articles that make you think critically about how you are currently conducting your business, and more importantly, to engage…

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