Money Draught #36 – The One About The Proxy Guy, Markets, and Mass Hysteria

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Money Draught X Proxy Guy: Iridescent, Profound, Weird…its that shit that you love. That real, real Money Draught shit.


** This cast is for mature listeners **

Your Hosts:
Jason Alt — @JasonEAlt
Slick Jagger — @slickJagger
JR — @time_elemental

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  1. Jay

    “limited is unchanged” “pack prices will go up”
    So now you have to pay double for packs but yet you say limited is unchanged. I don’t think you understand the situation.

    1. Jay

      Sorry I could not listen to anymore, this was about the dumbest conversation about players points/phantom points I have ever heard. You guys have no idea what you are talking about

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