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Taking All the Turns – A Modern Extra Turns Primer

If you ask a typical Magic player what their favorite thing is in the game, one of the common answers you’ll hear is “drawing cards.” It’s why cards like Howling Mine have been in the game since it was created, and why that effect has stuck around since. Ask a typical Magic player what the …

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A Magic: The Gathering Gameshow

Some of you may know that I run a YouTube channel called Windmill Slam where I do silly drafts every week with a friend. One day I thought it would be fun to attempt to make up flavor text for cards and see if my buddy could distinguish between real flavor text and the false ones that I …

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Just Juett: Tempest Remastered Draft #1

Just Juett: DTK Draft #2

Just Juett: DKK Draft #1 (Video)

Just Juett: FKK Draft #1

GP Vegas 2013 – Booze Cube House

You heard all about this legendary event, maybe you’re sick about hearing how awesome GP Vegas was. It doesn’t matter what you thought you know about Vegas, if you weren’t there, you will never really know. Well here’s your chance to get a glimpse of it with recently uncovered footage of the debauchery. They say …

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Forced Fruition Episode 6: BTT Draft R/W Heroic

They Might be Heroes Hello and welcome to the sixth installment of Forced Fruition! This week, I’ve brought you another Born-Theros-Theros draft where I find myself with some exciting white and red cards to make up a typical red/white heroic archetype. We get to play with some powerful creatures like Ornitharch, Anax and Cymede, and even the elusive …

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Forced Fruition Episode 2: Diggin’ Through the Yard

  Hello and welcome back to Forced Fruition, the Magic show where we strive to better ourselves by identifying a theme and sticking to it! This time around I drafted a green-black graveyard deck in a BNG THS THS Swiss event. Some tough decisions were made during the draft portion and the games turned out …

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0-2 Drop After Party at GP Oakland 2013

Sign In Blood presents the 0-2 Drop After Party at GP Oakland, August 24th 2013. Kevy Metal from Heavy Meta is performing with his band The Barstool Saints. They burn the building down playing songs from their unreleased album. Marcel from Brainstorm Brewery is behind the camera making sure you get to see all the …

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Worlds 2011 Video

Monday Night Magic Worlds 2011 Special