Forced Fruition Episode 2: Diggin’ Through the Yard



Hello and welcome back to Forced Fruition, the Magic show where we strive to better ourselves by identifying a theme and sticking to it! This time around I drafted a green-black graveyard deck in a BNG THS THS Swiss event. Some tough decisions were made during the draft portion and the games turned out pretty well. Enjoy the video and please feel free to leave feedback on my drafting, play, or presentation in the comments below. Enjoy!


Drafting Packs 1 and 2


Drafting Pack 3 and Deckbuilding



[Deck title= Diggin’ Through the Yard]


*1 Sedge Scorpion

*1 Baleful Eidolon

*1 Leafcrown Dryad

*1 Nyxborn Eidolon

*1 Satyr Wayfinder

*1 Voyaging Satyr

*1 Swordwise Centaur

*2 Mogis’s Marauder

*1 Nighthowler

*1 Cavern Lampad

*1 Disciple of Phenax

*1 Forsaken Drifters

*1 Graverobber Spider

*1 Returned Centaur

*1 Shrike Harpy



*1 Pharika’s Cure

*1 Savage Surge

*1 Asphyxiate

*1 Time to Feed

*1 Hero’s Downfall

*1 Lash of the Whip

*1 Sip of Hemlock



*1 Temple of Silence

*8 Swamp

*8 Forest



Match 1 Game 1



Match 1 Game 2



Match 1 Game 3




Match 2 Game 1



Match 2 Game 2



Match 2 Game 3




Match 3 Game 1



Match 3 Game 2



Overall I was happy with the performance of this deck, though I do still wonder if things might have gone better had I taken the [card]Nemesis of Mortals[/card] instead of the [card]Hero’s Downfall[/card] in pack 3. Either way, the green-black graveyard deck in Theros Limited is certainly a contender, and if you can get the trifecta of [card]Nighthowler[/card], [card]Whip of Erebos[/card], and [card]Nemesis of Mortals[/card], along with the supporting cast to fill up your yard, you’ll be in business. Also, we didn’t see her, but [card]Pharika’s Mender[/card] also deserves a mention for the archetype as well.


See you next week!


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Andrew rediscovered his love for Magic when he saw Innistrad. Returning to the game after a long hiatus, he now spends his days streaming drafts (, playing EDH, and practicing Standard.

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