How to Find the Current Episodes

If you are not receiving the most recent episodes on your Podcast Player, iTunes or RSS Feed, it is because you are subscribe to the wrong feed.  Gathering Magic has a BSB Feed that is no longer being updated, switch to one of the feeds below: Brainstorm Brewery RSS Brainstorm Brewery on iTunes Brainstorm Brewery…

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A Magic: The Gathering Gameshow

Some of you may know that I run a YouTube channel called Windmill Slam where I do silly drafts every week with a friend. One day I thought it would be fun to attempt to make up flavor text for cards and see if my buddy could distinguish between real flavor text and the false ones that I…

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A taut, cat-and-mouse tech thriller set in the aftermath of a fictional but plausible attack on a Chinese nuclear reactor, Michael Mann’s Blackhat is easily the most underrated movie of 2015. The January release of the film makes it easy to make such a declaration, but a combination of trailer that was far from compelling…

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