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Finance Corner

Ryan went to GP Indy, which was a Legacy event. Both him & Corbin discus Legacy and the rising cost of several key cards in the format and potential new meta cards for the new “in” deck, Maverick.

— The hosts delve into Modern, talking about key staples in the format and how GP’s will effect price fluctuation cycles. They address price barrier of Modern and potential reprints and the impact they’ll have in the secondary market.

— Tarmogoyf and Shock Lands in Standard?!?

Corbin attended SCG Dallas with the new hot deck taking second place, Junkwalkers, a WBG deck featuring 15 planewalkers and a “perfect” mana base.

— Get you Modern foil staples because players have been hesitant to pimp their decks but the floodgates should open soon.

— Shout out to Arturo Pineda (@OreoCorp) for connecting the hosts and making Brainstorm Brewery a reality. Shout out to Tyrone from MTG Brainstorm (@Mtgbrainstorm) for being cool about the similar names.


Brew Pub

— Corbin talks about his Stacks deck in Modern, land destruction is finally an option with the recent bannings, so what out!

— Ryan goes over new Solar Flare deck in Standard with a new card spec that is a 4-of in the deck. Listen for the new deck tech and move in while the card is still a bulk rare.

— Marcel was mum this week for the sake of time, check back next week.


What?s It Worth?

— A new segment where listeners attempt to stump the hosts as they try to guess the prices of random cards. Please send in your picks for next week via our email.


Altered Card of the Week

Snoopy Tarmogoyf by Klug Alters saw live coverage at SCG’s Legacy Open!


Guest Hosts this Week

We’re being guest hosted on, thanks Jon Medina (@mtgmedina)!
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