#207 Brainstorm Brewery – Kaladesh Set Review

This is the Kaladesh set review! Corbin still insists on reading every card! Jason still has to drink to get through them! Ryan and Marcel luck out and don’t have to suffer the indignity of the exercise!


To help out, the gang enlisted the help of two guests – Douglas Johnson (@Rose0fthorns) and Shaeen Soorani (@ShaheenMTG). Are there underpriced gems? Is Smuggler’s Copter good? Are the cards overpriced? Find out when you shove this podcast into your headholes, nerds! This is Brainstorm Brewery, ya heard?



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One comment on “#207 Brainstorm Brewery – Kaladesh Set Review

  1. TonyTahiti says:

    Loved the set review and did not miss Marcel or Ryan…UNTIL you guys talked about Smuggler’s Copter :). I don’t think you have been this wrong about a card in a long while, or ever. This card will make a HUGE impact on standard (praised by chapin, lsv, todd anderson, gerry thompson, michael majors AS the best card in the set) and it will be played in modern. Its not an esper control card so mabye thats why soorani was wrong about it? Ryan usually has a good eye when it comes to evaluating cards and pretty sure it would not have happened without him on the podcast. Copter is already up to 10euros, its freakin colorless and it will be everywhere. It started at like 2-3 bucks and was a great spec target. Anyway, show is still great just wanted to point that out!

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