Back on track and in rare form, the gang launches headlong into the old format as seamlessly as a Marcel segue. Promised segments are delivered, old favorites are revisited, and so many knowledge bombs are dropped you’ll need the UN to help you put the pieces of your previous worldview back together. It’s all value all the time on an episode that will go down in history as “the episode between 101 and 103 of a popular podcast.” Who will punctuate awkward silences with a genuine cricket chirping in his house? Whose tangents threaten to derail the cast the most? With a recording session that promises to leave as much on the cutting room floor as it does in the can, and with four hosts who are all raring to go after so many weeks of very structured episodes, the relief is almost palpable, like taking your pants off after a long day at work. Take your own pants off, pull up a pew, and listen to an episode of your favorite cast that will have you asking, “When are they going to read my e-mail?”


  • The intro gets off to a rocky start, as usual.
  • Finance 101 is a regular segment, this week with advice on shipping.
  • A listener e-mail kicks off the cast on the right foot.
  • Remember Pick of the Week? The gang does, and they ship their first picks in months.
  • Vintage Masters is the elephant in the room. What’s this going to do to Magic Online?
  • Conspiracy has been out for a while. How do you draft this thing?
  • Contests are announced, and prizes are offered.
  • With any number of potential outros possible, it’s anyone’s guess to see how it ends.


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.


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