Every once in a while, fortune smiles on Brainstorm Brewery, and the right guest for the set review becomes available. This time, Judge Emeritus and Godfather of EDH Sheldon Menery joins the brew crew for a look at Magic 2015, a set with quite a few Commander gems hidden among the cycle of splashy mythic souls, big sexy Planeswalkers (like, sexy as in, “Wow, these are cool to play with,” not like, “Wow, Ajani is looking sexy.” Like, it’s cool if you’re into that; some people are. We don’t judge.), and saucy Slivers. Which Commander gems are currently underpriced to a degree that confuses a veteran Commander expert like Sheldon? Which cards seem a bit overvalued and can only possibly maintain their presale prices with a ton of Standard ubiquity (besides most of them)?

You’ll become very familiar with M15 in a double-stuffed episode crammed with so much value that you’ll think twice about complaining that this was too long to listen to on your commute. Pop in your earbuds, ignore your boss going home early, and jam your Friday away with an episode of your favorite podcast that will have you saying, “For first of all,” even though no one else gets the joke. This is Brainstorm Brewery.


  • The gang is joined by Sheldon Menery (@SheldonMenery)!
  • Find Sheldon on Facebook as well as Twitter.
  • Catch Sheldon’s weekly prog rock podcast Brain Salad Sandwich.
  • The Magic 2015 set review is the focus of the episode. No time for anything else.
  • Which cards seem undervalued?
  • Which cards will you be fine paying the current price on to play with?
  • Questions? Concerns? The address is brainstormbrew at gmail dot com.


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.


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2 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #106 – Set Reviewer Emeritus

  1. eric van bebber says:

    i know this isn’t directly correlated with the Podcast however i am a long time listener and I just need to vent. Marcel, Ryan , Jason , and Corbin you all are great people and I just need to vent here is what I sent WOTC , MTGO and every other resource I could Possibly find to send to.

    This is the second time this has occurred . I click to save deck and it gives me an error saying unable to save and it logs me out. By the time I log back In the event has started and I have a zero card deck automatic loss. I have little time to play magic and this has been happening consistently. Please send this up to worth again this is the second time i have asked this. I am highly disappointed in v4. I just payed $50 to have a fun night and now its ruined. WOTC you need to fix this , I am Sick and tired of investing into my account when all that happens is that my time is just wasted. I am a military member so i have almost no time to play with having late evenings at work and i have to take time away from my family to play. Do I have to be Brian Kibler to get a non Generic Response , Seriously WTH. I have been a customer for many years and this is how i am treated. I am getting sick and tired of no fixes. I am a regular to the Limited Resources podcast and I heard the John locks story of how you are putting little resources online. For heavens sake it is a digital product that i am sure that brings in millions of dollars a month and you cant afford decent programmers. I don’t just want a credit but I want you to reimburse my time. How can i be loyal to a program that does such a dis service to its customers. We have a love for the game that you don’t comprehend. This isnt directed at the immediate rep that reads this but to WOTC as a whole. Please fix your program please evaluate the deck submission process, please evaluate the process of when cards are able to be played, and please listen to me, don’t just say ” here is a credit and everything is fine” do something about the program that is ruining my free time. Please help me enjoy magic like I use to , Please give me V3 back, at least it ran efficiently. I am extremely disgruntled that this is the program that we are forced to use and it doesn’t work like half as good as V3 did. Please acknowledge this with a Dignified response. Please !!!!!!!

    Worth Wollpert Please do something please give us as the online magic community something to look forward to. I Promise If this goes Unnoticed I will pull a Kibler and get this as high as I possibly can maybe not SCG or CFB But i will make sure to get this through the reddit feed, Push this out to the mothership, Push it out to limited resources, Push it out to brainstorm brewery, and I will fight with all my might to see that this program that I have placed hundreds if not thousands of dollars into is lawfully shut down due to the negligence and out right disrespect to this programs most loyal customers.

    Once again I am only able to play once or twice a week and they are full of errors. Non stop disappointment. You really need to step your system up. From a dedicated and loyal customer I beg this doesn’t fall on Deaf ears.

    1. We will avenge your pain, don’t worry brother!

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