The number of members of this podcast who poop on EDH as a format is down to 1. Marcel “cubeycubecubecubitycubecube” MTG is the lone holdout as Ryan succumbs to his desire to play a deck with Séance in it. Corbin’s in France this week and couldn’t record, so that’s good, but Marcel is going to really determine whether the episode is a total hash and it’s going to come down to how much time he has to go all Stitcher Geralf on the chunks of usable material. Long-winded rants fill the empty space where we usually have Corbin talking and the segue is abandoned in favor of the jump-cut. If history is any indicator, you’re all going to really like this episode a lot. Why would you not? This is the best and only MTG Finance podcast around. We demystify the complicated process of buying and selling Magic cards in an educational and entertaining manner. We’re a big part of your week. We’re Brainstorm Brewery.

  • Ryan is finally playing EDH. Direct jeers and laughter to our e-mail
  • In honor of Ryan, Finance 101 is all about the appeal of EDH
  • Marcel said this is episode 25. Last week he said it was 24.
  • Speaking of 25, we want people to send in their favorite moments from 100-125
  • Corbin and Ray are in Nice, France. Must be Nice.
  • What financially relevant came out of Champs?
  • What is up with foil Fatestitcher?
  • We actually do a Pick of the Week. You’re welcome.
  • A lot gets done with Corbin not around. Weird.
  • We’re doing Tee Spring again. Ask Santa for a new hoodie or t-shirt.
  • I applaud you for sticking with it and reading all of this.
  • Questions? Concerns? e-mail [email protected]


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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