Modern Masters (2015 Edition) is confirmed. Grand Prix Las Vegas 2 is confirmed. There isn’t much else to talk about, but that’s okay because why would we talk about anything else? Modern Masters 2 is extremely significant financially. Grand Prix Las Vegas is extremely relevant socially. It’s Jason’s birthday, and the cast has a house booked, with a second house being investigated. Did you miss Vegas the first time? Correct that—you have half a year to save your bulk rares. Speaking of bulk, Finance 101 and a reader e-mail are all about bulk, but not the exact same way as last time this happened. Different stuff is discussed. The gang is starting to become used to Corbin not being around by this point. There are more awkward silences, but the silence isn’t broken by Corbin, so it’s a net positive. Also, if you haven’t ordered a t-shirt or hoodie, you have until Tuesday before the campaign closes. Represent the brand.


Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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