Brainstorm Brewery #138 – Everybody Gets One

Most of the set is spoiled. How do you not talk about cards? You HAVE to, right? There are so many spoiled cards that warrant discussion and the gang had to restrain themselves. You will hear them restrain themsleves when they say “OK, we will talk about spoilers, but everyone only do one card each” before they talk about like 20 cards. That’s how it goes.

  • Spoilers! But they happen at the end, so putting this at the beginning of the show notes is funny
  • Jason announces a moratorium on “the R word”
  • Picks of the Week happen!
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2 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #138 – Everybody Gets One

  1. banana-man says:

    dtk is a disappointing “big set”. i was expecting a lot more given the good value of cards in ktk and (not that much) frf

    i will be looking forward to what magic origins will bring..

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