Brainstorm Brewery #146 – Comet Storm

We realize you rely on these show notes to get a grip on what’s in the episode. Doesn’t that feel a bit like a spoiler, though? Speaking of spoilers, that person who “leaked” Modern Masters 2015 early sure did get most of his information right. It’s too bad getting some of it wrong pretty much means that it was all guessing. And that’s too bad. The gang discusses that, the future of Tarmogoyf, the controversial inclusion of Comet Storm in the set and even some picks of the week. Because we’re good to you like that.


  • A rolling start? Hot damn! It’s been a while since we did that
  • Finance 101 is all about foreign cards
  • Vegas talk is smothered in the cradle. You’re welcome
  • Modern Masters!
  • What is the future of Tarmogoyf
  • Pick of the Week.

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One comment on “Brainstorm Brewery #146 – Comet Storm

  1. Colin says:

    The wife’s comments were the best part of this episode. Nothing like an outsider complaining that her “financier” husband to bring back home the concept that we’re all huge nerds.

    P.S. Clean up your living room, what’s wrong with you?

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