Brainstorm Brewery #161- Tuna

There are a lot of varieties of tuna out there. Solid white albacore. Chunk light tuna. Sushi-grade tuna steaks. Mahi Mahi is tuna-esque. It’s probably the best kind of canned meat money can buy. When Starkist, the makers of probably the highest-quality canned tuna money can buy was caught underfilling cans, the resulting lawsuit resulted in a big opportunity for all of us. Value is value and if you are willing to certify under penalty of perjury that you bought a can of tuna from Starkist you are entitled to $25 cash or $50 in tuna and I think we know which one of those numbers is larger and therefore the correct choice. Do the right thing and if you bought some tuna, submit your claim.


  • Was it not clear that the website was hyperlinked in the description? Here.
  • I’m worried your hyperlinks might not be working.
  • Oh, Magic stuff. Um… we got an e-mail from Sander Van Der Zee. It was insane.
  • Full art foil lands? 5th rarity or no?
  • Oath of the Gatewatch is a stupid name, guys.
  • BFZ spoilers!
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2 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #161- Tuna

  1. Raja says:

    That’s a quekt-witcid answer to a difficult question

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