Brainstorm Brewery #180 – You’re Not Even A Judge

There were lots of happenings the last few weeks and since we didn’t get to talk about anything last week due to the set review, we decided to jimmy jam everything into one action-packed episode and get caught up. There were prerelease weekend shenanigans, GP Oakland was a thing, multiple bannings happened and Reddit showed how bad they are at reading comprehension and how good they are at pillorying innocent WotC employees. There’s a lot to cover, so why not stop reading the show notes because reading is for nerds, and sit back and put this podcast in your head holes. You’re about to be taken to value town.


  • Salty Corbin
  • Gp Oakland stories
  • Prerelease weekend!
  • Bannings? What do they mean?
  • Ryan and Corbin talk about homebrews and it’s Jason’s turn to be salty
  • Prophet of Kruphix was banned, it’s barely discussed
  • Pick of the WEEEEEK
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3 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #180 – You’re Not Even A Judge

  1. C says:

    I don’t mind the chatting about your latest brews, but will you bozos PLEASE bring back Pick of the Week? Not only is it the most useful part of your podcast, but it also stops people from being lazy and forces them to be hunting for good cards to buy or sell before getting on the air.

    Listen to Jason, your audience is getting annoyed with this no-pick-of-week nonsense over the last month.

  2. Spam says:

    I would really like to have a look on that enchantres build.
    Great episode, I’ve enjoyed fron start to finish!

  3. Kingkrenko417 says:

    Isolation zone at common is a great way to exile your own hedron alignment.

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