Brainstorm Brewery #181 – What Do You Call eBay in Canada?

The eldrazi are great, but their names could be a lot more distinct. World Crusher? Reality Bruiser? I sometimes think the price of Thought-Knot Seer is so high because it’s the only Eldrazi people are able to identify and buy on purpose without trying to buy something else. The gang keeps getting tripped up on the names. Listen and laugh at them as they get confused. Come for their confusion, stay for one of the most insightful episodes in a long while. I figure like 10% of our total listeners read the show notes and those who do are the most dedicated. I don’t know why I preach to the choir. Still, I’m making the case for this episode whether you like it or not, so strap in. We discuss Standard and Modern and read some e-mails and make fun of Corbin and he tries to make fun of us back and we laugh at him and we even do Pick of the Week. Remember that segment? Well it’s back! You knew there was a reason this was your favorite podcast. It’s because it’s the best. Now stop reading like a nerd and put our audio entertainment in your head holes already. Brainstorm Brewery OUT.


  • Weird intro. It’s hard to know what will make the final cut.
  • Standard results!
  • Modern results!
  • E-mails! Send us your e-mails and we’ll read them!
  • Pick of the WEEEEEK! It’s baaaaack!
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