Brainstorm Brewery #187 – Previews, Baby!

We are previewing our card! If you’re not a regular listener of the case, we threw our explanation and analysis of the card into the front of the episode so you don’t have to skip to the end. We want to make things convenient for you because we already counted your traffic. Whether you listen to all of it or 10 seconds, you count. Your money is in our pocket. Why not make things easier on you? You’re welcome. Enjoy the preview.

Fevered Visions_EN_HRR

Regular listeners, this is a great episode and you’ll love the rest of the episode that isn’t the preview. Because we preview a card in the beginning. Because they let us.

  • Brainstorm Brewery Shadows preview card!
  • Corbin is here for part of it!
  • What is the future of Modern? What gets banned?
  • The new cycle of rare lands is discussed.
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Marcel’s Fevered Visions Modern Deck

3 Snapcaster Mage

4 Fevered Visions

3 Howling Mine

1 Crucible of Worlds


4 Fog

3 Holy Day

1 Pull from Eternity

2 Life from the Loam

4 Sylvan Scrying

3 Compulsive Research

4 Supreme Verdict

1 Sphinx’s Revelation


3 Maze’s End

4 Mana Confluence

1 Blighted Fen

1 Buried Ruin

1 Ghost Quarter

2 Azorius Guildgate

2 Boros Guildgate

1 Dimir Guildgate

2 Golgari Guildgate

2 Gruul Guildgate

2 Izzet Guildgate

1 Orzhov Guildgate

1 Rakdos Guildgate

2 Selesnya Guildgate

2 Simic Guildgate


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