Brainstorm Brewery #188 – Shadows Over Innistrad Set Review

It’s a Set Review but this time Ryan had an idea to switch up the format, hope you like it.


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3 comments on Brainstorm Brewery #188 – Shadows Over Innistrad Set Review

  1. AvidClown says:

    Great job this week, guys.

    I love-love-LOVE the Sin Prodder discussion–R&D are being completely diabolical with this one. Fwiw, I’m a 100% believer in it.

    Did you guys forget Tireless Tracker? That card seems really good somewhere..

    I have to say though, I think Second Season is a rather obvious trap and no one should be chasing it at all. Simple question: Does SS play out more like Doubling Season or Parallel Evolution? Clue Tokens notwithstanding (that certainly is very cute), I think it’s probably a trap. Doubling Season/Parallel Lives (and, most recently, Hardened Scales) just sit out there and provides constant incremental value for playing a game of Magic whereas Second Season (and Parallel Evolution before it) will, many times, do absolutely nothing for you. Both cards are gonna be GREAT when things are already going well but absolutely miserable if you are stalled out.

  2. Scott says:

    Love the new review format! High to low is the way to go. Relevance is everything!

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