Brainstorm Brewery #204 – A New Era

We had a bit of a shakeup on the cast and moving forward the names and voices will be a little different but the quality will be the same. Marcel and Ryan will be back frequently for the Brainstorm Brewery After Hours podcast and we’re going to be having a lot of great guests in the future as we finalize the cast moving forward. We’ll be shaking up Patreon rewards and fixing audio quality issues and generally trying to be the best podcast we can. Don’t say goodbye, say hello to the future of Brainstorm Brewery, a future that absolutely involves Ryan and Marcel as well as Jason and Ryan. You’re going to like the future, we promise.


This week we were joined by Brainstorm Brewery turned MTG Price turned Quiet Speculation writer Douglas Johnson (@Rose0fthorns) who has a little podcasting experience of his own from over at Cartel Aristocrats as well as a few previous BSB appearances. The gang talks Conspiracy spoilers and other nonsense. Sit back, strap in and allow your favorite podcast to enter your head holes. Brainstorm Brewery is back.


  • Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns)
  • What’s up with Conspiracy 2?
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  • Breaking Bulk is a permanent segment! I hope!
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