Brainstorm Brewery #209 – Parents Won’t Let Kids Buy Throat-Slitter

No, I’m not going to explain the title in the show notes. Listen to the episode, nerd. You were going to listen anyway, so I’m not sure why you’re upset. Unless you’re upset that we didn’t tell you to buy Smuggler’s Copter at like $1. Believe me, we’re all mad about that. I had some in my shopping cart, even. Clicked the red X, didn’t want to gamble. Do you like to gamble? We missed on one card but we think there’s money to be made, still. We’ll get you ahead of the curve so you’ll have your copies to sell when everyone else’s orders are getting canceled. That’s how much we love you guys. Thanks for listening.


  • Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns)
  • SCG OPEN RESULTS (I hit capslock for “SCG” and didn’t know how to stop)
  • Breaking Bulk
  • What are even Treasure Chests?
  • Pick of the Week
  • There was some good stuff that got cut. Maybe After Hours?
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