Brainstorm Brewery #211 – Act Surprised When It’s My Pick

We have a real problem. Our RSS feeds haven’t updated correctly and some people haven’t heard an episode since 203. Some people think we’re not a podcast. We ARE a podcast. We ARE. We record on the computer box and give it to you for free. Do us a favor – you’re able to access the cast because you’re reading this so obviously you have it. Share this cast with a friend. Tell people it’s still going. Help us reclaim the 20% or so of our listener base we lost to technical errors. Be our pals. We’ll be your pals back. Thanks, everyone.

  • Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns)
  • Breaking Bulk is super early. Again. We barely have to change these notes.
  • Don’t be a $&%
  • Standard rotation
  • Pick of the Week
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