Brainstorm Brewery #218 – Risk Assessment

Corbin clearly wants to talk about his brew but he gets no-sir’d by the gang. If you want to watch it because you hate yourself, the link is here.


Just kidding, that was Corbin hitting a light pole. The real link is here.


That was Corbin hitting a light pole again. The real link is here.


We get into a pretty good discussion about risk assessment and how to find stuff that Commander 2016 hasn’t made spike yet. If you don’t pay attention to EDH, better start now because it’s making hella prices spike and nothing else is really doing much. Get into trouble with us.


  • Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns)
  • Mardu Eldrazi? No thanks!
  • Cards spiked? Why?
  • Reprint Risk? How do we assess what’s safe and what isn’t?
  • Breaking Bulk
  • Pick of the Week
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