Brainstorm Brewery 224- The one where we have a pro tour champion on

Jacob Van Lunen joins us to share stories of epic victories using draft-chaff slivers, give his insights on the upcoming protour, and talk about standard brew ideas so cool that even DJ is interested.  Corbin makes the least tasteful joke of the episode, which is impressive considering Jason is back.   Join us for this week’s Brainstorm Brewery.

  • Douglas Johnson is our perpetual guest (@Rose0fthorns)
  • Jacob Van Lunen is our very special one time guest
  • Hear tales of the only Two-Headed Giant protour
  • Breaking Bulk
  • Protour Aether Revolt discussion
  • Pick of the Week
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Douglas Johnson is and will forever be merely a guest


One comment on “Brainstorm Brewery 224- The one where we have a pro tour champion on

  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the podcast!

    Do you know where I can find a list for that Japanese BR Vampires deck with the +1/+1 counters that you mentioned? I have been looking around on the internet, and can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

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