Brainstorm Brewery 227: Some Fish, a Flower, and some Salt

This week we have a Corbin excited by his favorite deck, a Doug excited by his biggest purchase, and a Jason made salty by the normal range of daily occurrences.    This week the nonsense takes over the first part of the cast.   Learn which cards to buy, which TNMT arcade game was the best, which deceased television personality holds the key to Corbin’s heart, and how Douglas turns your draft chaff into thousand dollar magic cards.   Join us nerds.

  • You can bother our guest  Douglas Johnson for pictures of his Black Lotus at (@Rose0fthorns)
  • There were modern things last weekend
  • Breaking Bulk covers the rise of commons in a looked over fall set
  • Pick of the Week
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3 comments on Brainstorm Brewery 227: Some Fish, a Flower, and some Salt

  1. Tim says:

    Hey, for some reason I cant get the podcasts to dl thru my app (podcast addict, Android) the last one I was able do get thru the app was 225. I get error 404: url not found.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great show –
    By the way, I think I recall hearing that the TCG stuff at big box stores is handled by a third=party company.

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