Brainstorm Brewery 262: Full Circle

Yet another kind soul has given enough money to the cast to join for one episode; this week the cast is joined by Patreon patron Eric Kangas.   Jason forgot his flavor town shirt, and tells a story about the one time he felt bad about something.   Doug cheats and brings rare to breaking bulk.   Corbin looks in obscure places for a sponsor for the podcast.    It is a very spicy episode.


4 comments on Brainstorm Brewery 262: Full Circle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jesus fucking christ, Jason stop being such a sloppy teenage drunk!!

  2. The John Cena of MTG Finance says:

    I agree there were times when Jason made it really hard to keep listening. Jason you are at your best when you stick to Mtg finance, those segments of this podcast were really solid, your tangents not so much. You haven’t lost a listener but take this as constructive criticism and this podcast will continue to outperform the other Mtg finance podcasts.

    1. Jason Alt says:

      I don’t mind losing a listener

  3. Jamie says:

    Loved the parallel joke, my co-workers thought I was insane. Doesn’t hurt that I am.

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