Brainstorm Brewery #287 Second Fattest Cheerleader

The brew crew, Jason (@jasonEalt ), Corbin (@Chosler88), and DJ (@Rose0fThorns) welcome returning Patreon guest Eric to battle to the death in the Arena… or maybe they will just discuss MTG Arena.

Also, make sure to tell us who you believe would win in an arena battle to the death by commenting on Youtube

  • Bed Time
  • Basic (no, not like the lands)
  • Life Plans
  • DOM sealed
  • What is the next set?
  • Breaking Bulk
  • MTG Arena
  • Pick of the Week
  • Iconic vs Master 25
  • Outro
  • Emails
  • Special Vegas Patreon Deal
  • TCGPlayer Pricing
  • Outro Again
  • Send us your emails!
  • Support our Patreon!

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