Jason (@jasonEalt ) is extra bubbly this week come off an exciting Capitals win while Corbin (@Chosler88) and DJ (@Rose0fThorns) try to rein him in to podcast with special Patreon guest Charlie (@SteamBoatChaz). They talk about all the reserve list buyouts, Battle Bond, the relevance of C-EDH, and much more.

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  • Hockey Spoilers
  • Jason has the glasses.
  • Squatty Potty Pressure
  • C-EDH
  • Odds Makers
  • Breaking Bulk
  • Karate
  • Buy listing
  • Breaking Bulk
  • You Can’t Fail….
  • Battle Boner
  • C-EDH (twice? That is more than the amount of players it has)
  • Pick of the Week
  • Don’t worry JJ’s got you!
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