Brainstorm Brewery #357 I’d Eat that for $50

Corbin (@CHosler88) is out for the week from eating the bug-infested Bdubs but DJ (@Rose0fThorns) and Jason (@jasonEalt) have brought on the stellar Liz (@devotedDruid) and Paul (@prfeudo) to talk about MtG Art, Throne of Eldraine previews, Modern, eating hats and more.

Make sure to check us out on Youtube because everything is better with video.

  • 06:13 Breaking Bulk 
  • 16:49 Throne of Eldraine Art
  • 19:20 Throne of Eldraine Previews
  • 25:59 Modern Tangent
  • 34:43 The Origins of “I’ll eat ___ if…” in MtG
  • 36:26 Things get weird
  • 41:43 Pick of the Week

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