Brainstorm Brewery #4 – Limited Gaming

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Jeffery Szelzki (@LimitedGaming) joins us as a guest host this week!
Finance Corner

— Jeff talks about being a card store and gaming in Canada.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope is previewed, how do the hosts react to the card?? What is the Angel/Dragon paradox when it comes to trading?

— What is inside the Helvault that will be opened at pre-releases? Could there be promos of Avacyn & Grislebrand? With the Helvault weighing 50 pounds, there must be more inside?

— Hellrider holds its value despite the recent bannings of Intangible Virtue & Lingering Souls in Innistrad Block.

— Shockland speculation in M13.


Tournament Highlights

— Delver continues to put Magic on ice winning GP Salt Lake City, SCG Standard Open & Modern in GP Turin this weekend.

— The new Legacy Open winning Blouses deck gets ported to Modern and makes Day 2 in GP Turin running a 4-of Spirit Mantle!

— Head Judges at PTQ?s made decisions that impacted players? ability to Intentionally Draw.? They stirred up controversy because DCI rules were broken in the process.


Brew Pub

— Corbin is playing a sick WBR Modern deck that Top 8ed a couple PTQ?s.? It plays several value cards including Dark Confidant, Kitchen Finks, Lingering Souls and Lightning Helix.

— Marcel took Ryan?s Block deck for a spin and had fun playing the block format


What’s It Worth?

— Jeffery stumps two of the hosts with his picks of: Norwood Priestess, Imperial Recruiter, Protean Hulk & Ali from Cairo


Altered Card of the Week

Wastelands by Ryan Peneff (@Peneff123Alters)

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